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Small notice! IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE so I'm replacing all of Al's icons with a revamped set. Some keywords and stuff will stick, but overall expect old threads to look really weird.

Zen meeemmmmmeee

EXCEPT IT'S NOT because I lost steam before I could really go "I am awesome" or anything. But I wanted to share why I love Al. :( SO THERE.

Al is fucking awesome okayCollapse )

[CFUW 17 - Mal]

Um... I was wondering what you thought about things since we got that clue, sir.

...I kind of want to know why Ash thinks you're a zombie too.

OOC Relationships meme

sdlkhfd okay I give. Comment here if you wanna know what Al and/or Havoc thinks of your character. Really I'm just too lazy to fully update the proper relationship lists right now. |D;

[A Team AU/Ari's Dream: Sleepover]

Ah...Brother's gone down to the labs now, so you can come over Ash. I don't know why he does that... You aren't that bad. Ari's here already.

Locked CFUW post [Game 7]

Hey Ash, can I ask you something?

Locked CFUW post

Ash, I'm pretty sure I can trust you to be a sheep, so I think we should talk about who we think the wolves are here where they can't see us.